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Norman Barry, a retired Gymnasium teacher from Bad Schussenried, Germany, has been doing research on Theodor Fontane's ballad, "John Maynard," for some time now, and he has become a prolific writer of essays on the subject. Follow the links below to view some of them.


"Jim Bludso" by John Hay – A source worthy of the famous ballad "John Maynard" by Theodor Fontane? by Norman Barry


Two Missing Links: Harpers 1854 & The Living Age 1860 – An evaluation of two newly discovered John Maynard texts by Norman Barry


Thirteen Years Afterwards: The Buffalo Democrat Remembers by Norman Barry


Who Is Kate Weaver? (A Storm in a Teacup?) by Norman Barry


The Line-up (Speculations on the source of the name "John Maynard") by Norman Barry


"Navigation and Winter Ice on Lake Erie from 1821 to 1845, with References to Water Levels (With an Appendix of Newspaper Clippings dealing with Lake Erie and Buffalo Harbor)" -- an essay by Norman Barry.


"A Steamer of Four Seasons: The Short, Precarious Life of the Steamboat Erie" in which Norman Barry comments on newspaper articles that mention the Erie between 1838 and 1841.




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