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Some years ago I received e-mail from Martin Guddat of Duisburg, Germany, informing me that "Achim Reichel, a german singer, has set this and some other ballads to music. They are on his CD "Regenballaden." I like all tracks on this CD very much. They contain Goethes "Zauberlehrling," "Trutz Blanke Hans" and "Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck". But beware, the one offered on misses the Track 9 with John Maynard. On you can get a real audio portion of the song, but it is of very low quality and I would say it is a good bit slower than on the CD."

Here's the URL that will lead you to the place where you can listen to a clip of "John Maynard" set to music.

More recently, I received this message from a correspondent named Martin Jonas: "I came across your website today, and thought you might want to know that "John Maynard" was also set to music by the German folk/rock band "Bergfolk" on their 2002 album "Nach dem Regen". There's a 44-second excerpt on their web site: Unfortunately, that snippet doesn't really give a good indication of the arrangement, as it's only the spoken intro and the opening riff, rather than any of the verses actually set to music. The full version is 6:20 minutes."

Since I received the links above, I've discovered that you can hear several musical versions of "John Maynard" on YouTube. Be sure the check them out.